Take part in the development of core outcome sets for effectiveness trials of interventions to prevent and/or treat delirium (Del-COrS) study!

Delirium Study

Research Details

Researchers are looking at the effects different treatments have on patients by measuring an ‘outcome’, for instance number of days a patient has delirium. Our goal is to agree a core outcome set for research trials into acute confusion – delirium. At the moment researchers often collect different outcomes. If researchers collected the same outcomes then treatments could be compared, larger numbers of patients having had the same treatment in different studies could be combined. We would then know what works and how well.

Research Area

Mental Health & Dementia

Status of the Research:

This research study is looking for volunteers to take part.

Lead Research organisation

Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Description of volunteers required

All professionals working in Bradford district who work with patients who are at risk of delirium, especially staff who visit or work in residential or nursing care homes. We would also like to have input from relatives of people who are living in care homes.


How can I be involved?

We would like you to take part in two online surveys. We will ask for your views on how important different outcomes are to include in future delirium research trials. The second survey outcomes will be informed by the results of the first survey. Each will take around 15 minutes to complete.


What should I do if I want to take part?

Please contact the research team directly at Research@bdct.nhs.uk or click on the button below.

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Research Overview

What is the purpose of this clinical research study?

Our goal is to agree a core outcome set for research trials into acute confusion – delirium.