Cancer Loyalty Card Study


Research Details

Research Area

Ovarian cancer

Status of the Research

This research study is looking for female volunteers with and without ovarian cancer to take part

Lead Research organisation

Airedale NHS Foundation Trust

Description of volunteers required

  • Female
  • Living in the UK
  • Aged 18 and above
  • If you have at least one of the following cards:
Boots logo

Boots Advantage Card 

Tesco logo

Tesco Club Card

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Research Overview

The Cancer Loyalty Card Study (CLOCS) is focused on improving early detection of ovarian cancer.

We are investigating whether or not your everyday loyalty card use in high street retailers can help identify early signs of ovarian cancer. CLOCS is comparing purchasing patterns of women with and without ovarian cancer diagnoses in order to develop an innovative way of detecting cancer earlier. Boots UK and Tesco PLC are supporting CLOCS’ research goals to provide past purchasing information once participants consent the study.