Bradford Genes & Health

Research Details

Research Area

Heart, Diabetes, Other (Genomics)

Status of the Research:

This research study is looking for volunteers to take part.

Lead Research organisation

Bradford Institute for Health Research, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Description of volunteers required

  • Adult volunteers (age 16 and over), with and without health problems
  • From across Bradford
  • Who regard themselves as of Bangladeshi, British-Bangladeshi, Pakistani or British-Pakistani origin

Research Overview

In Bradford, South Asian people have some of the highest rates of heart disease, diabetes, and poor health in the UK. Living with a long-term illness has a major impact on a person’s quality of life and on their family. Bradford Genes & Health is a medical research study set up to help fight against these and other major diseases. By involving large numbers of local Bangladeshi and Pakistani people, the study hopes to find new ways of improving health for communities in the UK and worldwide.

Volunteers will be asked to donate a small saliva (spit) sample and share their GP and hospital medical records in strict confidence with the study team. Volunteers will be asked to give their consent to be contacted again and some may be invited to participate in further medical research studies on the basis of data gathered from their samples and information.

The study team recruits participants from local general practices, trusts and out in the community. 

You can read more about Genes & Health on the study website: