ALABAMA: ALlergy AntiBiotics And Microbial resistAnce

Research Details

Research Area

Other (Prescribing)

Status of the Research:

This research study is looking for volunteers to take part

Lead Research organisation

Selected GP practices

Description of volunteers required

  • You must be registered with a general practice in Bradford / Airedale that is taking part in the ALABAMA trial;
  • Your medical records state that you are allergic to penicillin antibiotics; 
  • You are aged over 18 years old;
  • You have taken an antibiotic in the previous 24 months.

Research Overview

Do you have a penicillin allergy? 9 out of 10 patients with a penicillin-allergy record are not truly allergic when tested.

Penicillins are the recommended treatment for many infections.

Taking alternative antibiotics:

  • may cause you more side-effects
  • has contributed to the rise in antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • can be more costly to the NHS

You can read more about the ALABAMA trial and see if your practice is taking part here: