Our Research Champions


Hear messages from some of the key people who are championing health research across the Bradford, Airedale and Craven District

Therese Patten

Chief Executive at Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Amir Khan

GP with a Special Interest in Diabetes and GP partner The Ridge Medical Practice

Dr Gregor Russell

Old Age Psychiatrist, BDCFT Director of Research & Development, CRN-YH Clinical Specialty Lead; Dementia Research

Dr Sara Humphrey

GP with a Special Interest in Older People and GP partner North Street at Affinity Care

Professor John Wright

Director of Research at Bradford Institute for Health Research, Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Laura Goodchild

Member of Young Dynamos, a young person’s research group working with Bradford District Care Foundation Trust

Research Experts

Some of the leading health research experts in the district talk about their experiences and the importance of your help in their studies or trials

Professor Dinesh Saralaya

Director, National Institute for Health Research: Patient Recruitment Centre: Bradford

Dinesh talks about the huge contribution that the Bradford, Craven and Airedale district has made in the Novavax Covid-19 vaccine trial and how grateful and pleased he is that over 700 people from our community were involved.

Dr Shazza Rehman

Shazza speaks about how research is important to the development of new chemotherapy drugs and treatment regimes to treat cancers and that such research is “Not possible without you.”

Matron Jenny Syson

Jenny explains the different ways in which you can take part in research and how our dedicated research teams are passionate about ensuring our communities have the opportunity to take part in research that is relevant to them.

Dr Tamsin Gregory

Tamsin talks about the largest COVID-19 treatment trial that she was involved in and how the patients who volunteered to take part helped in identifying effective ways of treating this virus and that by volunteering have helped to improve the care of those who may be suffering from COVID-19 in the future.  

Rachel Wane

Children’s Research Nurse

As the lead research nurse in Children’s research, Rachel explains how children of all ages and their families can get involved in research if they are patients but also as healthy volunteers.  Studies can take place either as an in-patient, out-patient and at home and may involve one or more visits.

Professor Faruque Ghanchi

Consultant Ophthalmologist/ Head of Ophthalmology Research
Bradford Teachings Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Faruque expresses how grateful he is for all the volunteer patients who have taken part in research studies.  This includes a study that helped pave the way for new treatments for macular degeneration thereby helping to reduce blindness not only in our local area but all over the world.

Research Volunteers

Watch some of the stories from the amazing people who have volunteered locally and hear why they got involved.


Talks about his experience of being a diabetic and the study he contributed to that is helping make for other children.


Discusses how he took part in some health research trials and the insight he gained from participating.


Explains how as an active member of a patient engagement group at her GP practice, she is championing others’ involvement.


Explains his life long involvement in giving blood, then heart disease research and the importance of ‘giving something back’.

Sheila and Jayne

Mother and daughter discuss the impacts of dementia and the pride they felt in getting involved in the research.


Talks about her involvement with the Born in Bradford studies for more than 10 years and the importance of it to the health of her family.