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What research can you help with?

We have 14 different health and therapy areas of research that you might be able to help us with

Click on any of the panels below to see the individual ‘ research calls’ for that area and the research status:
What we need your help with right now…it’s marked in RED. This means the trial or study is due to start soon and we want your help straight away
What research has already started…it’s marked in GREEN. This means we’re now underway, but we’d really like you to consider joining our Research Registry so that we can contact you directly when we are going to undertake more research in this area.

You can also click on the research calls to find out more about that specific project and how you might get involved; this could be by:

  1. Notifying us of your interest by email
  2. Notifying us of your interest by phone
  3. Completing a short screening form to see if you are eligible to take part in the research 

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Mental Health

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Women’s Health and Maternity

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Eye Health

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Digestive Disorders

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skeletal Disorders

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Health of your child

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Public Health

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See why people get involved in our research

I joined as I wanted to be able to have a say as a parent and volunteer in how the area I lived in can be improved in regards to children and their life chances. It’s made me reflect on my own experience of parenting and how I can bond more as a family, doing things together.

SaminaPatient - Born in Bradford research contributor

I was really conscious that I was getting such incredible treatment due to the vast amounts of research that has been done and the people who have volunteered to be a part of that process. I get to feel good by volunteering and I get to improve my longer term prospects – bonus!

OliviaCancer Research patient

Of course, we’ll never know whether or not I would have miscarried if I had not taken part in the trial, or if I had been part of the group that received the placebo, either way I feel fortunate and happy that I did participate. I hope the results of the trial will make a difference to the way women receive treatment moving forwards, and that I had a small part to play in that.

SamanthaPRISM trial participant