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MiNESS study helps advise pregnant women about their sleeping position.

By 19 April 2021No Comments
Sleeping positions during pregnancy concept

This study compared the sleeping habits of women in late pregnancy (after 28 weeks) who had a stillborn baby with women at the same stage in pregnancy who went on to have a healthy baby.

It was designed to build on earlier studies that suggested a link between the position women went to sleep in and risk of stillbirth. The results showed that women who went to sleep on their backs had at least twice the risk of stillbirth compared with women who went to sleep on their side (after 28 weeks of pregnancy). However, women should not get anxious if they wake up on their back. MiNESS shows that it’s the position a woman goes to sleep in that is important.

To find out more about this, see how it was reported on BBC News: